Monday, June 18, 2012

6 steps choose mother of the bride/groom dress

Mother is the second bride in wedding, wedding is a joyous occasion, but picking a dress for mother of the bride/groom can become contentious if it is not handled correctly. To avoid some of the pitfalls, follow the steps.

Step 1:
Get to know mother’s taste. This will save many an argument. Get a pen, paper and catalog and go through with her to find out what style she likes. Find a dress that is flattering to her shape, size and taste.

Step 2:
Pick color compliment her. In the spring look for pastels. In the fall look at earth tones, but make sure that the color flatters her skin tone. Select the length according to the time of the wedding, and type of wedding.Tea length mother of the bride/groom dress with jacket or shawl is fit autumn days.

Step 3:
Select an outfit based on whether it will be for one time use or can be worn at other events. Many website offer you many kinds of style mother of the bride dress matching jacet and shawl start only at $100.It prove beneficial to have a dress that can be worn on more than one occasion.

Step 4:
Dress in terms of age only if it is her style and it gives the look you and she wants. Some dresses are very matronly, so if she prefers to dress a little younger, then do it.

Step 5:
Don’t color clash with the bride party. It should compliment or be an extension of the party. If not, she will stand out in a negative way.

Step 6:
Shoes should match the dress, but be comfortable, particularly if the mother/grandmother is older.

Then I would like recommended some dress for mothers to join wedding party:

Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress

Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress


I purchased this dress for my mom. It fit nice and she loved it. She loved the pearls and design.
Write by Lauren.

I was nervous because I saw several comments about the sizing but I got my dress yesterday (I came really promptly) and rushed to try it on. It fit perfectly. It made me feel slim and beautiful. I thought it was a great value for the price. The detail is gorgeous. I can't believe it - it is comfortable as well. I can't wait to wear it.
Write by Lora.

Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress

Mother of the Bride Formal Evening Dress


I ordered this gown in the eggplant. I got it today. It is lovely! I was looking for a gown for a big lady. Rather than a gown designed for a smaller frame but in my size. This gown isn't skimpy and revealing. It has nice coverage, minimizes certain areas and gives an overall good look on my figure. Good for busty pear shapes. The embroidery and stone design along with the sash at the hip make a nice accent. It runs close to the seller's measurement chart.

Buts: The beadwork over the breast needs a bit more continuity and design or simply be left off. I think the gown would be lovely without it. The seller has no contact number nor is there any info on the details of the material in the amazon description. Specific fabric name isn't listeed in the dress either. Shipping by USPS for two days is horribly expensive.

Write by Marion.

I ordered this dress for my son's wedding. I measured myself carefully..... I'm 5'7 and weigh 140 pounds. Thought a 2X was a bit large, but wanted to have option to alter if needed.
Dress arrived well ahead of schedule... and it was too small. :( It's beautiful, much prettier than shown in photo.
I used the return/exchange button and got a response immediately. New dress was shipped immediately with no muss or fuss!!!! It arrived in a bit over 3 days, (including a weekend!)Hats off to the ladies at US FairyTailes!

Write by Cindi.

It was a perfect fit, based on the sizing guide accompaning product information. The only problem I had was keeping the shawl in a comfortable position during the evening. Loved the dress, and looked great!
Write by lsb.

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