Thursday, October 11, 2012

Buy Wedding Dress Or Formal Dress Made In China

There are many wedding dress online store on the internet, some is famous brand or designer like David Bridal and Alfred Angelo, some is B2B trade platform like Amazon and Alibaba, some is B2C trade platform like eBay and DHgate, and there are a large number of online store, most of them are from china like Lightinthebox and Milanoo.

In America, according to one estimate, the current average of $1,505 is just a little too much to spend on a wedding gown.

Therefore, bespoke wedding manufacturers based in China have seen an influx of orders from brides looking for a bargain. These manufacturers are dedicated to creating stunning, designer-like wedding gowns for less.

I want to tell brides-to-be, there are many difference among wedding gowns made in China, there are three producing areas in China: Suzhou, Guangzhou, Chaozhou.

Feature of wedding dress manufacturers in Suzhou is small, quick, flexible.

By the way, the most feature of wedding dress made in Suzhou is: cheap!

Small is that small workshop based in Suzhou, some even only have 3-5 workers, it's also feature of e-commerce in Suzhou, they are sale at almost all of e-commerce platform, from eBay to Aliexpress. Even Lightinthebox, their suppliers also in Suzhou.

Quick is that tailoring peroid short, make a wedding dress usually cost 15-20 days, Flexible is that    even if one dress could be tailoring, this is almost impossible in Guangzhou and Chaozhou.

Feature of wedding dress manufacturers in Guangzhou is lager and all-inclusive. Guangzhou is China's emporium, wedding dress manufacturers in Guangzhou is different from Suzhou, they depend on regular customer, received OEM or ODM orders from abroad. And there is some manufacturers begin try e-commerce business practice, their wedding dress slightly more expensive than Suzhou, but with batter hand-made and fabric.

Wedding dress manufacturers in Chaozhou are larger scale and have a long history, many famous brand and designer wedding dresses are made in Chaozhou.  The best hand-made and tailoring in Chinese wedding dress manufacturers.So please needn't obsessed with brands, they are really made in China all!

I will write next article about how to buy wedding dress from China,so stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How dress in semi-formal event

In Western clothing;semi-formal;is a grouping of;dress codes, indicating the sort of clothes worn to events with a level of;protocol;between;informal.

Choosing appropriate dress for a party or reception and dance can sometimes be tricky. Because of all the different designations such as formal, white-tie, business casual or semi-formal, you need to know what kind of clothing and/or accessories are appropriate for each level of formality. Understanding which is which will help you avoid embarrassment.

When you receive an invitation to an event which specifies semi-formal, this means a cocktail-length (knee-length). You have to wear sheer hosiery. Leave the business pumps at home and put on the dressy pumps. You can accessorize with tasteful jewelry.

Semi-formal events are holiday parties, weddings and dance/receptions. The annual office Christmas party can often be designated as a semi-formal occasion.

Business Formal for women it suggests that women opt for more tailored dressy suits and dresses. The idea is to still be business appropriate -- which means nothing too sexy or slinky -- but still dressed up.

Cocktail Attire

Cocktail Attire means short, elegant dresses for her and dark suits for him. The little black dress is the ultimate cocktail dress and appropriate for most special occasions.

More cocktail dresses recommend:
White Spaghetti Straps Cocktail Dress
Little Black Dress
Strapless Little Black Dress
Cowl Neck Little Black Dress
Cowl Neck Little Black Dress
Sweetheart Little White Dress
Coral One Shoulder Cocktail Dress
One Shoulder Cocktail Dress
One Shoulder Cocktail Dress
Pink Strapless Cocktail Dress

Monday, October 8, 2012

2012 Winter Formal Dress Fashion Element:Purple

2012 autumn and winter, as a trend hue, purple occupy the absolute dominance in fashion circles .Brands including Prada, Balenciaga, Christopher Kane, Chanel are purple pondering the most from the texture to the tones!

From warmly to leisure, a purple formal dress looking very cute, mature and yet elegant.

Purple V-Neck Floor Length Dress
Purple Cowl Neck Floor Length Dress
Purple Bateau Floor Length Dress
Purple One Shoulder Floor Length Dress
Some color of shades of purple just like regency, lilac, fuchsia, each has its advantages:

2012 Winter Formal Dress Fashion Element:Apricot

Winter Formal is an enchanting and magical night of friends, dancing and memorable fun. Dressing up in formal and elegant attire is part of the whole experience to make your winter formal extra special. As you plan for your attire, select styles that fit your unique personality.

Get in the know on current styles and colors in the fashion trends of today. Check out fashion magazines for the latest in fashion styles for the season. As you begin looking for a dress, chose a style and color that work for your body type and skin color. Most of all, chose a dress that you love!

Apricot formal dresses are popular at winter formal, with a soft fabric and fitted cut, create a elegant feeling like a princess.